About Us

About Us

The Australian Abacus Academy is founded on the principal of quality, affordable education.  Our experienced and qualified teachers will provide your child with an extra dose of inspiration and motivation to progress not only academically but personally too. Our curriculum is interesting, exciting and is developed to help the student succeed. Not only will your child be exposed to the wonders of ABACUS techniques, but he or she will also be individually mentored and catered to by our trained and qualified teacher. Our experienced  staff will help the child prepare for his success.

We are passionate about developing a life-long love of learning for your child and look forward working in partnership with you. We try our best for the well being of our students by providing them the best education possible, in the best environment.

We love education and are passionate about what we do.

You can count on us!

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Our mission

Our mission is to nurture the intelligence and creativity of a child by teaching ABACUS techniques. We strive hard to stimulate the whole intelligence of the child through improved speed and accuracy in calculation, concentration, visual memory and logical thinking. The concept is based on the use of ABACUS– a tool which promotes the ability of a child to calculate large numerical calculations with ease whilst aiding the child’s mental development in the tender age.

Our vision

Australian Abacus Academy promotes collaboration between staff, parents, and students to achieve academic excellence. We foster the development of responsible, caring students - lifelong learners that are prepared to meet the challenges of the real world.

Teaching Technique

Our teaching method is by explanatory interaction not by rote. Arithmetical methods are thoroughly instilled for understanding so that problems become easy to solve. Children discover that “to learn” means “to find out” and “to try”. It does not matter if at first they do not succeed - errors and mistakes are a necessary part of the learning process. By encouraging curiosity students become interested in learning for themselves - something which is exciting and interesting rather than a “chore”. We make learning fun.