Evaluation of memory in abacus learners.

Abacus is a method used by Chinese, Japanese and Koreans to improve mathematical skills. This system has now invaded our country. The improvement in mathematical skills is said to be due to a coordinated functioning of both right and left hemisphere. As learning and memory in any field is achieved by coordinating and analyzing the different sensory inputs, whether an abacus trainee would also improve the short-term memory as a whole was evaluated (read more…)


The Ripple Effects and the Future Prospects of Abacus Learning.

The first effect is improvement of numerical memory. The second is improvement of memory in spatial arrangement. The third is progress in solving general mathematical problems taught in elementary school, including the four fundamental arithmetic calculations and word problems. (read more…)


Six Abilities Cultivated by Soroban.

  • Ability to concentrate (Concentration)
  • Ability to visualize and to be inspired (Inspiration)

(read more…)

Laughter In Schools And the World Of Education

Social play is critical to the development of children’s social skills and emotional intelligence. Restricted play results in deficient social skills which can lead to life-long physical, mental, emotional and social problems. Laughter promotes childlike playful behavior. (read more…)