An Overview of the Abacus Program

Course Objective : This course is designed for 4½ to 12 years kids. We believe that this is the right age for the child to develop mental arithmetic skills. The course aims to train the child to use the left and right brain simultaneously resulting in whole brain development.

Program structure :

  • Our Abacus program is divided into different levels. All the levels are designed for approx. 3  months
  • At the end of each level each child would be assessed for advancement to the next level.
  • The total duration of the course work is 30 months (2.5 yrs). Depending upon the performances of the kids, it can take little longer or shorter.
  • The classes are once a week- 90 mins / session.
  • Alongside the classroom activities, the children will be using the home practice book to further enhancing their skills and practice the concepts learned during the class.

Prerequisites : A basic understanding of numbers and be able to write the number from 0 to 20. Children are trained to sit focused.

Duration of each level : 3 months. The student should work at home for a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes every day to practice / learn the skills.

Completion certificate : At the end of each level each child would be assessed for advancement to the next level. A certificate will be issued on completion of a level.

Course material : The following course material will be provided..

  • Classroom book (Book A)
  • Home practice book (Book B)
  • One Bag
  • One Abacus Instrument
  • Worksheets containing word problems (weekly)

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